Yunnan Mustache Toad(Vibrissaphora ailaonica)

Habitat: reside in original forests in-between el. 800 to 2600 m, where vegetations are complicate, the environment is humid and the evergreen broad-leaved forests have little sunshine.

Feeding habits: catch snails, worms and frogs under the trees.

Features: Yunnan mustache toad has 10-16 thorns in the edge of its upper lip. It is commonly called "bearded frog". The color of the rainbow in its eyes is quite interesting, the upper part of which is blue and the lower part is black. In non-production seasons, they live on land in groups; during mating seasons, they enter water. They lay their eggs in streams where the water is clear and where the water flow is not so rapid. About 40 days later, small tadpoles will come out. The numbers of tadpoles are many, but the ratio of their survival and transfiguration is rather low.

Category: Amphibia, Anura, Pelobatidae

Distribution: only distributes in Ailao Mountain and Wuliang Mountain areas of Yunnan.

Protection level: it is listed as the key protection animal of Yunnan.