Pig-tailed Macaque
Macaca nemestrina

  Habitat: tropical and sub-tropical forests.

  Feeding habits: pick up fruits and leaves in trees or catch small living creatures on the ground.

  Food: wild fruits, young leaves of vegetations, insects and small birds.

  Size: with a body length of 50-66 cm and a tail length of 17-32 cm. 

  Habits: live in broad-leaved forests in groups and often act on the ground. The top of its head is flat and with a whorled in its hairs. The tail of it is like that of a pig; therefore, it is called "flat-headed macaque" or "pig-tailed macaque". In Thailand, pig-tailed macaques are trained to pick up coconuts. A pig-tailed macaque can pick up more than 1000 coconuts a day. 

  Category: mammalia, primates, macaque.

  Distribution: only in the Southwest of Yunnan.

  Level of protection: class I key state protection animal of China