Slow Loris
Nycticebus coucang

  Habitat: tropical and sub-tropical forests.

  Feeding habits: catch its prey or pick up fruits with hands and mouth in tree trunks or in branches.

  Food: wild fruits, insects, small birds or eggs of birds.

  Size: with a body length of 32-35 cm and a weight of about 1000 g. 

  Habits: Slow loris is a kind of primates living in trees. It likes to act alone. It curls up like a ball in the holes of trees or in-between dense branches and twigs during the daytime and goes out to seek for food in the night. It usually acts slowly; therefore, it is also addressed as "lazy macaque". Its action is quick and accurate when it catches insects, which is quite different from its usual behaviors. The pregnant period of it is 5-6 months and it produces one baby each time. When young Slow loris grows larger, it will climb on the back of its mother to seek for food. 

  Category: Mammalia, primates, slender loris 

  Distribution: South of Yunnan and South of Guangxi, China

  Level of protection: class I key state protection animal of China